Social Media Contests

Throughout fest weekend

Be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for this year's social media contests! There will be "password" challenges in which we will post a word and the first person to get to headquarters and say that word wins a prize! We will also have photo challenges, in which the first person to come to headquarters with a photo matching the request on our Facebook page will win a prize (ex. We may post to bring a picture of the carnival, and the first to come with that picture wins a t-shirt!) 

Following Fest Weekend

Following fest weekend, we will have a social media contest on Facebook. 

For2019, we have decided to open this contest to ALL #Butterfest19 photos! Post your photos PUBLICLY on Facebook with #Butterfest19 to enter! Following fest weekend, watch for us to post an album with the photos to our Facebook page!  Go to OUR album, and like your favorite photos! The photo that has the most likes by noon on Friday, June 14, 2019 will be our winner! 

Photos must be posted publicly on Facebook by Sunday June 9th at 10pmto be a part of the initial album for this contest. After we have posted the album, if you don't see your picture, comment with it and we will add it to the album. ONLY photos in our #Butterfest19 Contest Photo Album will qualify for this contest. "Likes" on your personal page/posts will not count. All, including the committee and royalty, are welcome to participate as the contest is based on public "likes" of the photo. 

Butterfest reserves the right to exclude any photo as deemed necessary. Butterfest reserves the right to change or alter the contest at any time. 


For 2018, this contest was related to our Fast Corp. Park. Festers were asked to take a photo in our Fast Corp Park (on the grounds) and post it to Facebook with #Butterfest18. Following fest, all of the #Butterfest18 photos in Fast Corp Park were added to an album on our Facebook page. A deadline was set, and the winner was Windsor, a cute corgi inside the Fast Corp fish's mouth! 

EVENT Hours:

Throughout Fest


Sparta Festival Grounds are located at Memorial Park on the corner of Rusk Avenue and Montgomery Street.  


Bethany Nugent and Kim Bowen


NOTE: Bringing dogs or pets on Fest Grounds is strongly discouraged. You will be responsible for any injury or damages related to your pet on  the fest grounds.