Medallion Hunt

The Medallion Hunt takes place leading up to Butterfest. Check out our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. 

The medallion is located in a public location. You do NOT need to access private property to find it. Be sure to look high and low to find it! Check nearby popular local stops.You will be able to access the medallion with your feet on the ground (no climbing required). Be safe while searching. Children should be accompanied during any medallion searches. The winner will receive the medallion and $100 prize. 

If you find the medallion, take it to keep and post a photo to our Facebook page ASAP so we can let our followers and other searchers know it has been found. 

Past Medallion Hunts


2020 Winner 
Photo submitted by Leanne Myhre
Medallion was located in Westside Park underneath a bench. 


Event Date: 
This is a Pre-Fest event.
Check social media for updates! 


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Kim Smith and Bethany Nugent


Sparta Festivals Inc. will not allow the sale of guns, fireworks of any kind, crossbows, knives, smoking devices,paintballs and equipment, pornographic or obscene graphics (on t-shirts, etc.) drugs and other illegal substances.  In addition, it has been requested that vendors not sell silly string, fart bombs and spray, marshmallow blowguns, counterfeit or unlicensed products on the festival grounds.  Law enforcement will be checking the grounds frequently.  We thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this matter. Sparta Festivals reserves the right to change, end or alter any promotions or contests as needed.