Parking is available on the streets near the fest grounds. There is no fee to park. Visitors may NOT park on the grass of the fest grounds.


It depends what you want to do. It is free to enter the fest grounds and walk around, and you can visit the Arts and Crafts, Kids Craft Area, Softball Tournament, Car Show and more at NO cost! Some events have costs associated. The carnival requires tickets, and events like the Poker Run have a fee. To get into the Fest Tent a button is required. Buttons are $5 at the gate ($3 in advance). We do not charge a fee for parking. View event pages for more information on specific event-related costs.


• Buttons are one of the few ways that Butterfest raises money to keep fest coming back every year.
• Practically speaking, the button gets you in to the fest tent. They’re not required to do the carnival or many of the other activities.
• We have flushing toilets inside the fest tent. That alone is worth the $3 or $5 button.

Buttons can be purchased in advance (up until Thurs. of Fest) at many local businesses for $3, and at the gate for $5.


Click here to view the schedule for this year, or click the "Events" dropdown to find info for a specific event. 


Headquarters is a camper located near the Fest Tent, along food alley, and is home to our committee, the lost and found, announcements, t-shirts, and prizes! Headquarters is also where you should go if you hear an announcement about a missing child that is with your party.

Check our social media for contests/challenges. Some may ask you to be the first person to come to headquarters with a specific word/photo etc. 


Portapotties are located near the Arts/Crafts/Flea Market and in the Fest Tent. There are also flushing toilets in the Cesspool trailer bathrooms in the Fest Tent. Bathrooms are also available in Memorial Park at the concession stand. 


An ATM is located outside of the Fest Tent. Fees may apply.


Sparta Butterfest runs contests through our Facebook and Instagram pages. Contests are subject to change at the discretion of the social media manager and/or fest president. 


Looking to register as a vendor? Great! Click the links below for info!
Arts, Crafts and Flea MarketFood 

Our Arts and Crafts and Food Vendors change from year to year. It is not possible for us to provide information on each individual vendor. We try to post photos of what is available throughout the weekend. Head on down to the grounds to see who/what is there this year. 


Click here for the latest carnival information. Questions about the carnival should be directed to the Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce. Advance Ticket Sales will be announced on both the Sparta Butterfest and Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook Pages in/around May each year. 


Sparta Butterfest is located at the corner of Montgomery and Rusk in Sparta, WI.