Third Annual Buttercup Men's Hockey Tournament •
Friday - Sunday of Butterfest

Sparta Youth Hockey Rink, Sparta, WI

(Located just down from the main Butterfest grounds.)

General Rules:

  • This is an 8 or 16 team, one or two division tournament.

  • If possible two divisions – over 30 and 21 and up.

  • Regular bracketing – 3 game guarantee.

  • Five minute warm up.

  • Three 15 minute periods. 1st and 2nd run time. 3rd stop time. A 6 goal lead will result in run time.

  • If score is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a 5 player shoot out. If the score is still tied after this shootout, a 2 player shootout will continue until a winner is decided.

  • USA Hockey Rules apply.

  • Officials decision will be final.

  • Tag in tag out offside rules apply.

  • No Check

  • Knee high slap shot. Slap shots won’t be penalized, but result in a faceoff on the other end of the rink.

  • Penalties – 2 minute minor, 5 minute major, and 10 minute misconduct.

  • Foul language will result in a 2 minute penalty.

  • Fighting will result in being out of that game plus the next game.

  • Minor penalties do not carry over into a shootout.

  • All players must wear helmets.

  • Facemasks are optional.

  • No players under the age of 21.


Tournament rosters must be turned in prior to the first game with names and numbers. There will be no changes and a 20 player roster limit.

Entry fee:

$500.00 – 3 games guarantee.

Entry deadline May 31st. Registration form available online.

Pay back:

1st place $150.00, 2nd place $100.00, 3rd place $75.00, consolation champions $50.00. (Eight team division)

General Info:

Sparta Youth Hockey Association requires all players on the team to sign an injury waiver prior to the first game.

Beer will be sold at the rink. Must be over 21, ID’s required. No carry in’s.

100% of proceeds go to the operation and maintenance of the Sparta Youth Hockey Rink.

Thank you for your participation!

For more information please contact:

Chris Kolasa - Senior Mens Tournament Director


P.O. Box 331, Sparta, WI, 54656